Welcome to College House Studio

Artist: Jillian Lewis MA

Masters in Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University, UK

The traditional task of the sculptor has always been to re-create from earth, stone or metal the vehicle of his reality. (Etienne Hajdu)

This site represents the work of an artist who, through either the traditional use of paint or the contemporary use of the expanded field, explores narratives of the human condition through their industrial histories. Prompted by the cogency of images, artefacts and installations the beholder is provoked into exploring identity and memory through mechanisms of industrial palimpsest. Using the physicality of industrial images and devices the art functions to engage the viewer and reinforces notions of vulnerability and impermanence within ourselves.

The cycle of taking natural earthly elements through industrial processes, manufacture and construction to produce artefacts which eventually decay and return to the earth is reminiscent of our own lives, societies and cultures. Conditions of change, decay and transitory states of existence are explored through paintings installations, structures and artefacts.

Last update: 14/01/2018